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Celebrating a Fresh Start and Honoring Heritage at CMG3Tech πŸŽ‰

February 5th, 2024

Hello and Warm Greetings on this Beautiful Monday!

It’s a joyful beginning to a month filled with meaning as we step into February, a time rich with history and progress. In synergy with the vibrant spirit of Black History Month, it’s with utmost excitement and a heart full of glee that we at CMG3Tech announce the unveiling of our brand-new website! Join us in the digital realm by clicking over to

πŸš€ Here’s What’s New:

  • We’re saying a fond farewell to our previous home on the web,
  • To keep everything neat and tidy, we’re directing traffic from and the aforementioned site straight to our sparkling new hub,

Expect to see these updates rolling out seamlessly over the coming days as we strive to create a more intuitive and engaging experience for you.

🌐 Inspired by Innovation:

At the heart of CMG3Tech beats a superheroic mission: to streamline and simplify through the extraordinary marvels of modern technology. We don’t just embrace innovation; we wield it like superpowers, transforming challenges into triumphs. Picture us as the caped crusaders of efficiency, committed to integrating ingenious tools like ChatGPT into our processes. With every keystroke, we unleash the power of creativity and proficiency, paving the way for a future where tech is not just a tool but a dynamic force for change. Together, we soar to new heights, making complexity vanish like mere villains in the face of our superheroic tech prowess.

πŸ“ˆ Growth That Makes Us Smile:

February doesn’t just bring history to the forefront; it’s also been a monumental month for us growth-wise. We’re thrilled to welcome 14 new contract clients to the CMG3Tech family, with 6 promising prospects peeking over the horizon. This fantastic upsurge is just the start we needed for 2024 and it fills our team with hope and heartfelt thanks.

🀎 Reflections on Black History Month:

In personal reflection, Black History Month is a period of immense joy and reflection for me. Each day is an opportunity to connect with and celebrate the profound legacy and innovative spirit of the Black community. Whether it’s through the melodies that move the soul, the stories that challenge the mind, or the practices that offer peace, every aspect of this month is an ode to endurance and brilliance.

I hold dear the privilege of helping to elevate Black entrepreneurs and join hands in building an ecosystem resplendent with diverse talents. Together, let’s highlight the narratives and ventures that enrich the fabric of our shared story.

Thank You for walking this path with us. Your support empowers our ongoing journey towards breakthroughs and shared victories.

Sending off my best,

Managing Director, IT Operations