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Meet The Team

Our Team

At the core of our company’s strength is our dedicated and talented team. Each member brings unique skills and experiences to the table, creating a dynamic force that drives our success. Get to know the individuals who are behind our innovative solutions and unparalleled service.


Managing IT Director

Angel leads our IT department with a visionary and strategic approach. Her name, Angel, symbolizes her commitment to guiding our team with expertise and grace. With extensive experience in managing complex systems and developing forward-thinking IT strategies, Angel sets the solid foundation for our technical success. Her leadership ensures a dynamic and innovative environment, empowering our team to navigate challenges and deliver exceptional solutions tailored to our clients’ evolving needs.


Director of Sales

Alex’s strategic approach to sales leadership has been instrumental in significantly expanding our market presence. Her expertise in driving sales teams towards exceeding goals is unmatched, creating a transformative impact on our overall sales performance. Alex’s visionary guidance not only focuses on immediate results but also lays the foundation for sustainable growth, positioning our organization as a formidable player in the market. Under her leadership, our sales initiatives thrive, forging new opportunities and solidifying our position as a leader in the industry.


IT Support

Brandon contributes significantly to our IT Support team, ensuring the smooth operation of our systems. His dedication to promptly and efficiently solving technical issues plays a crucial role in maintaining our day-to-day functions. His commitment to excellence and proactive problem-solving remains invaluable to the overall effectiveness of our IT support services.


Human Resources

Kim’s expertise in human resources management makes her the heart of our workforce development. She cultivates a positive work environment and ensures our team members are thriving. Her commitment to employee well-being extends beyond policies, creating a workplace culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Under Kim’s guidance, our team flourishes and drives the success of our organization.


Account Executive

Kristen excels in building strong client relationships. Her commitment to understanding and meeting our clients’ needs is paramount to our sustained growth. Kristen’s proactive communication and strategic approach ensure that our clients not only receive exceptional service but also feel valued and supported throughout their journey with us. Under Kristen’s guidance, we forge lasting partnerships that contribute significantly to the success and expansion of our business.


Administrative Assistant

Lisa’s exceptional organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail serve as the backbone that keeps our office running at peak efficiency. Her commitment to maintaining a well-structured and smoothly functioning workspace extends beyond her role, positively impacting the entire team. Lisa not only supports her colleagues with a can-do attitude but also greets each challenge with a ready smile, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere that resonates throughout the workplace. Her dedication to fostering a productive environment contributes significantly to the success and cohesion of our team.


Subject Matter Expert

Kel is the go-to resource for industry knowledge. His in-depth expertise ensures we stay abreast of the latest trends and adjust our strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Beyond serving as a repository of industry insights, Kel’s proactive approach involves translating this knowledge into actionable strategies that keep our organization not just current but ahead in the dynamic business landscape. Under Kel’s guidance, we navigate industry changes with confidence, positioning ourselves as leaders and innovators in our field.


Sr. Developer

Chaman’s technical skills and innovative thinking play a pivotal role in keeping our software solutions at the cutting edge. His extensive experience is invaluable in developing the robust systems that our clients rely on. Beyond contributing to the immediate success of our projects, Chaman’s forward-thinking approach ensures that our software solutions remain adaptable and resilient, meeting the evolving needs of our clients in a rapidly changing technological landscape. Under his leadership, we consistently deliver high-quality, advanced software solutions that set us apart in the industry.



Peeyush’s coding skills and innovative approach to problem-solving are critical to crafting the intuitive tools and applications our customers depend on. His proficiency in coding not only ensures the technical excellence of our products but also contributes to the seamless user experience that sets us apart in the market. Peeyush’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in software development underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.



Tiana is the newest addition to our team, bringing fresh ideas and a keen eagerness to learn. Her perspectives inject new energy into our projects, fostering a dynamic and innovative atmosphere. Tiana’s enthusiasm and commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements contribute to a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that our team remains at the forefront of excellence in our endeavors.

We take great pride in our team and the individual contributions that each member makes. Together, we strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of our business!